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These pages are reproduced from a publication of the First Signal Brigade, and were provided by COL (Ret.) Nick Frankhouser.  If you know of a group, battalion or separate company of the Brigade that is not included in these listings please contact the Webmaster by clicking on the link (below).


    • On Feb 27, 2018 Mark Johnson submitted the in-country dates for the 972d Sig Bn. Please CLICK HERE to read that document.

    • Richard Bazhaw reports being assigned to the 972d in Vietnam between Oct 14, 1966 and Mar 8, 1967. 

    • Response: Robert L. Stephens writes (17 Jun 07):;In regards to questions about the earlier deployment of the 972nd Signal Battalion: According to Shelbey Stanton's "VIETNAM ORDER OF BATTLE," the 972nd was a Supply And Maintenance unit assigned to the 1st Log Command, arriving in Vietnam 3 September 1965 and departing 20 October 1967. According to that data it was moved from the 1st Log to the 1st Signal Brigade in April 1966.

 Additional units

    • John Blake of Hot Springs Village, AR, reports that the 207th Signal Company (Thailand) was part of the 29 Signal group.

    • 307th Sig Bn was active from Mar-Sep 1970 , assigned to 21st Gp. Hq at Cam Ranh Air Base on it own bit of real estate, a former Hawk missile battery. Base camp passed to 362nd Sig Co when battalion was deactivated. Reported by Emmett Greenleaf, 2/22/05.

    • James Norris, Kaneohe, HI, says that the 49th Signal Detachment provided Crypto Logistical support for units around Qui Nhon . Attached to the 41st Sig for rations and billets with operational control from the Theater Communications Logistical Support Center Saigon. (TCLSC). 10/9/2005.

    • Robert Eisenberg, Lake Grove, NY, reports that another unit assigned to the Brigade was the 324th Signal Co (RR), 36th Sig Bn. Reactivated, Fort Hood Tx, 1966, Deactivated 1970 RVN. Served most of III & IV corps in RVN, Combat support unit, Radio Relay.   10/13/2005

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