First to Communicate


1st Signal Brigade Association

2016 Charitable Donations

Mr. Schumann/Mr. Harris,

Received your check in the mail today!  Thanks to the 1st Signal Brigade Association for their charitable donation of $1,500 for the Hanbit School for the Blind here in South Korea.  We will keep you informed  on the visit to present the donation to the Hanbit School. 

We miss the days when you all were here visiting us on your memorable trip to Korea and Vietnam.

Thanks to all!    
First to Communicate!  “Voice of the ROK!”
Frederick (Rick) Chmura Jr.
Supervisor, Management Analyst
1st Signal Brigade Manpower/Force Management Branch


Dear Mr. Cruz,

The 1st Signal Brigade Association would like to make the enclosed donation in the amount of $1,500 to The Fort Gordon Fisher House.  On behalf of our membership of former members of the 1st Signal Brigade, the Association is proud to support the Fort Gordon Fisher House in recognition of its outstanding services to our wounded soldiers and their families.  This donation was announced at the Association’s 2016 Reunion held in Branson, Missouri on 10 September 2016.

Our members extend to the you and your staff their warmest wishes and gratitude for all the Fisher House does to support the Fort Gordon community.


David Harris
1st Signal Brigade Association
Board of Directors

1st Signal Brigade Association