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Board of Directors

     The business and affairs of the Association are controlled and administered by and under the supervision of its Board of Directors, as established in its bylaws. The Bylaws provide for twenty-five (25) directors. Reasonable efforts are made to have different ranks and time periods represented on the Board of Directors and in the composition of officers of the Association. Directors are members of the Association and elected for a two-year term, as vacancies occur by expiration or other action. Directors may be reelected following their term of service, as mutually agreed to.  
     The Association’s officer positions are normally filled by its directors. There are currently 19 filled director positions on the 1st Signal Brigade Association's Board. Members now serving as directors include:  
 1   Glen Acre
 Howard Bartholf - Marketing Director, Membership Team member and Brigade Historian  

 Dennis Byrnes - President and Sales Director  

 Eddie Fulwood - Assistant Newsletter Editor

 Joe Gleason - Membership Team member  
  Stan Grieco

 Steve Harman  

 David Harris - Treasurer  

 Howard Hickman  
 Dan Jett - Assistant Treasurer
 John Keenan
 Peter Kind - Chairman  
 Ron Lester  
14   Bob Motley - Webmaster  
 Jerry Petersen - Newsletter Editor  
 Eric Randau - Secretary  
 Larry Schumann  
 Doc Taranto
 Bob Van Pelt - Membership Committee Chair
 Bernie Wallace - Administrative Officer and Membership Cards

    The Board normally meets quarterly at 1100 hours EDT on a designated Saturday. Meetings may run from 3-4 hours and are conducted by means of call-in conferencing.

    The Association welcomes interest by its members to serve on the Board of Directors. Service on the Association’s Board provides both a professional and rewarding experience. The Association’s successful continuing operation and future growth depends upon a cadre of dedicated members willing to serve as its directors and officers. Members interested in serving as a director should contact Larry Schumann; Email Larry Schumann 

   Peter Kind – Chairman of the Board (one of the three founding Directors)  


LTG (Ret.) Peter Kind is a former Chief of Signal and was inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Signal Regiment in 1994. LTG Kind served with 97th Signal Battalion and 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Germany during his 33-year career. He also was Signal Adviser to 21st Infantry Division (Air Assault) and later Chief of Stock Control, US Army Depot Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam; Assistant Division Signal Officer, 82d Airborne Division; and Executive Officer and S-2/S-3 (intelligence/ operations and training) for 82d Signal Battalion. He then served in the War Plans Division, Strategy, Plans and Policy Directorate, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans. LTG Kind commanded 1st Cavalry Division’s 13th Signal Battalion at Fort Hood, Texas; 1st Signal Brigade in Korea; the Signal Center and School at Fort Gordon, Ga, and the U.S. Army Information Systems Command. He also served as Deputy Controller of the NATO Integrated Communications System Central Operating Authority and as the U.S. Army Director for Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications and Computers.
In 1988, as Program Executive Officer for Command and Control Systems, he was instrumental in building credibility for the Army’s tactical command, control and communications arena. His achievements in protecting and strengthening C2 programs included fire support, intelligence and electronic warfare, air defense, maneuver control and combat services support; he integrated C2 systems for the Army and was recognized for this throughout the Defense Department and in Congress. At the time, because of poor understanding of C2 programs, LTG Kind on his own initiative made personal visits and delivered many keynote and banquet addresses to educate the Signal Corps and senior leadership in government and industry on these C2 programs’ importance to the total Army mission.
A key contributor in the Signal Corps Regimental Association and the Armed Forces Communications-Electronics Association, LTG Kind’s awards include the Distinguished Service Medal with one oak-leaf cluster, Legion of Merit with one oak-leaf cluster, Bronze Star Medal with two oak-leaf clusters, Meritorious Service Medal with two oak-leaf clusters and SCRA’s Silver Order of Mercury.
   Dennis Byrnes - President and Sales Director  
Dennis was drafted in 1966 and arrived at 69th Sig Bn, Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam Aug 1967. His responsibilities were R & R clerk, radio operator, rode shotgun for LTC Nims, and was the S-1 clerk. In May, 1968 he was discharged as an E-5 and has fond memories and an overwhelming love for his country.
In May 1969 Dennis married "THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE". They have been married for 36 years... They have no children and live in Royersford, PA. Dennis worked for 3 companies in 37 years in the inventory field. He loves to travel and looks forward to retiring in 4 years.
   Monroe J. “Doc” Taranto
        Doc at Camp Gaylor in Vietnam in 1966                                                              Doc Today  
Doc’s first tour with the Brigade came in 1965 - 1966 as an Operations Officer in the 39th Signal Battalion covering Viet Nam’s III and IV Corps. The 39th moved to Vung Tau when it was replaced in Saigon by the 69th Signal Battalion under LTC Charlie Bob Myer. Doc worked for Colonel (P) Bob Terry during the 1st Signal Brigade organizational months. After an assignment at Monmouth and the AT&T Systems Engineering Course in New York, Doc returned to Viet Nam in 1968 with DCA-SEA and then the Joint Cutover Working Group (JCWIG) implementing the SEA- ATS with headquarters in Thailand. He then was Commander of CEEIA-Thailand from 1969 – 1971, part of the 29th Signal Group. Subsequent assignments included the ARCCO at Fort Ritchie, graduate school at the University of Colorado, CINCPAC J6, NATO’s NICSMA in Brussels and Commander of CEEIA/ISEC-CONUS (under the watchful eye of LTG Emmett Paige) at Fort Ritchie.
Industry called in 1986 when he joined CONTEL, then, in 1990, founded and managed Amstar Communications until his second retirement in 2000. Since then Doc has been active as an IT consultant and strong AFCEA supporter.
   Larry Schumann  
Larry’s first tour in Vietnam was with the 593rd Signal Company, 69th Signal Battalion, (1966 – 1967). His second tour was as an advisor with the Vietnamese Joint General Staff (1970 – 1971). From 1976 to 1978, Larry commanded the 124th Signal Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado. In 1981, he commanded the U.S. Army Communications Command, Panama and was J6 for the U.S. Southern Command in Panama. From 1984 to 1985, Larry commanded the White House Communications Agency.
Following retirement from the U.S. Army in October 1985, Larry held senior management positions with ITT, TCOM Systems and EDS. From 1996 - 2001, he was CEO and President of the National Telecommunications Alliance, Inc. (NTA), a network support company (successor to Bellcore) owned by all of the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) including Verizon Communications, BellSouth, Qwest and SBC (Ameritech, Pacific Bell, Southwestern Bell and Southern New England Telephone). NTA managed joint network projects for the RBOCs, totaling $140 M over this period. In addition, NTA was the RBOCs' executive manager for national security and emergency preparedness (NSEP), and led their NSEP (infrastructure protection) initiatives and daily operations with the federal government.
Also in 1996, he was appointed by the President to the White House National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), a position he held until December 2000 along with 29 other CEOs from the telecommunications and information systems industries (AT&T, EDS, Sprint, others).
In 2001, he founded EnterpriseTec, a company supporting corporate governance, the governance of IT, information security and infrastructure protection. EnterpriseTec works with boards and senior management to assure strong organizational governance practices. Mr. Schumann is the current Chairman of the Board for the National Association of Corporate Directors' Capital Area Chapter.       
   Howard Bartholf - Marketing Director, Membership Team member and Brigade Historian  
             Howie in Vietnam                                           Howie Today  
Howard served as an SP5 in HHC 459th Signal Battalion both at Fort Huachuca and Nha Trang RVN from April 66-Sept 67. The Battalion was part of the 21st Signal Group, First Signal Brigade. He currently serves as the Historian and Reunion Coordinator for the 459th Signal Bn Association. He attended all First Signal Brigade Reunions since 1995.
Professionally he serves an Industrial Sales Engineer designing control systems for industry and the military. Currently he resides in Richmond Virginia. He is married to Janet Benning and has seven sons one of which is an Army CW2 flying Apache Longbow helicopters.
   Howard Hickman  
            Howard in Phulam                                 Howard today  
Howard served 18 months at the Phu Lam Signal Facility, Saigon (1969-1971). He also served 8 months with the 72nd Signal Battalion in Karlsruhe, Germany. He held the rank of SGT E-5.
After his military service he had a career as a Police Officer. He served with the University of California Police Department, Berkeley, the St. Mary’s Collage of California, Moraga and, the El Cerrito Police Department, During this period he held various assignments including Detective Sergeant, SWAT Sergeant, and Dignitary Protection Coordinator for High Profile visitors.
In 1995, he founded a group of Veterans who served at Phu Lam, Vietnam. The group has now grown to 1,400, with over 1,000 email addresses. He has gathered and maintains a collection of photographs, videos, stories, Personnel Lists and National Archive documents pertaining to Phu Lam. Some of the collection is posted on the Phu Lam web site:
He is a family researcher for his family, and has posted his research on the web site:
Howard has a BA in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a MPA in Administration of Justice from the Golden Gate University, San Francisco.
Howard has been married for 26 years and had two children currently attending U.C.L.A. and UC Berkeley.
    Dan Jett - Assistant Treasurer
                Dan in Vietnam                                            Dan today  
Dan Jett was discharged from the US Army in November 1969 as an E-5. He served in the Army from November 1966 to November 1969. After his service time, he received a BA degree in Business Administration in Accounting from Cal State Fullerton.
Dan has been practicing public accounting for the last 40 years. He has held various positions for CPA firms. He was co-founder of Barlow & Jett, CPAs. For the last 20 years, he has concentrated in tax related work, including tax preparation and tax compliance for individuals, trust, partnership and business returns. Dan has an expertise in trust administration and accounting.
Dan has serviced as treasurer and board member of a non-profit organization. Dan is a calligrapher and book artist. Dan currently services on the finance committee for his church. Dan and his wife Patricia have a son living in South Dakota. 
   Steve Harman  
                      Steve in Vietnam                                                                  Steve Today  
Steve Harman began his career in 1965 with the 24th Signal Battalion, 24th ID, in Augsburg, Germany. His battalion was short of senior and company grade officers so in the span of two years he was a platoon leader, BN S4 and PBO, A Co Cdr and BN S3. In the fall of 1967 Steve was assigned as Cdr Co D, 52d Signal Battalion, 2d Signal Group, 1st Signal Brigade in Bac Lieu, RVN. In the spring of 1968 he moved north to Can Tho to command Co A in the same battalion. Later he served in Korea as the S3 of 307th Signal Battalion in 1st Signal Brigade.
From 1980-1984 he served in various positions in the 5th Signal Command in Germany to include S3, 160th Signal Group and Cdr 43d Signal Battalion. Steve had staff assignments with DCA, U.S. Army Personnel Command, the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee, and the Joint Tactical Communications Agency and as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the U. S. Military Academy. He completed his 26 year active duty career at Fort Huachuca, AZ during the Gulf War timeframe. He served as the Information Systems Command DCSPER for one year and DCSOPS for two years during the period 1988 to 1991. His first duty as the DSCPER was to be the Adjutant in the retirement parade for LTG Paige.
Upon retirement from the Army in 1991 Steve moved to Leavenworth, KS as an employee of General Electric in support of PEO Command and Control. He acted in a liaison role between the PEO C2 staff and the Combined Arms Center staff to refine requirements for the Army Tactical Command and Control System (ATCCS). For the next 14 years he worked for several companies with a focus on improvement of command and control communications. He retired from Northrop Grumman in 2005.
Steve and his wife Anne now live in New Bern, NC where they are both involved in community volunteer work. Steve is also an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at a local community college and he does some business development consulting.
   John Keenan
John J. Keenan Jr., CW4 Retired, served over 29 years in the United States Army with 21 years performing as a COMSEC and Telecommunication Technician for the United States Army and Joint Commands within the Department of Defense. From 1979 through 1981 he performed as the S2 Officer for the 36th Signal Battalion in the 1st Signal Brigade inSouth Korea. He returned to the 1st Signal Brigade in 1982 until 1984 where he performed duties for the 362nd Signal Company, 41st Signal Battalion as the COMSEC Officer and OIC of the USFK J2 telecommunication center and its Korean Augmenters to the United States Army (KATUSA) Communication Detachment.
John also served in the capacity of Allied Command Europe Command Custodian from 1987 to 1990; Security Assistance Officer and Staff Officer among Current Operations for the J6 of the Central Command from 1990 to 1994. Logistic Manager for the United States Army COMSEC Division of Tobyhanna Army Depot from 1994 to 1996 where he retired and received the Legion of Merit for his cumulative service.
Upon retirement, Mr. Keenan worked for Sprint and Sprint Nextel over an 11 year period within its Network Operations Division. He worked as a Senior Network Operations Analyst in the Wireless Network Operation Center, Supervisor, Manager, and Senior Engineer in the Network Operations Support Team.
Currently, John is working with the IRS on a seasonal basis as a Tax Examiner.
John completed his Associates Degree at the University of the State of New York in 1986.
He lives in Lenexa Kansas with his wife Jiyoung.

   H. David Harris - Treasurer  
             David in Vietnam                                    David Today  
After attending high school in a small town in South Carolina I moved back to Atlanta in 1961, got a job in Accounting and attended Ga. Tech at night, planning to get a degree in Architecture. I had taken a student deferment and it ran out in 1966, therefore I was drafted into the Army at age 22.
My Basic Training beginning in October was at Fort Benning, Georgia. From there I went to Advanced Training at Fort Dix, New Jersey in December for Morse Code Training. Then in February I was sent to Fort Gordon, Georgia for Radio-Teletype Operator Training.
In April I had finished my training and was assigned to the Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where I served in the Signal Company, 3rd Special Forces Group. While there I went to East Carolina University for studies in Southeast Asia Customs.
I served there until going to Vietnam on February 1st, 1968, having just gotten married! Upon arrival at Long Binh Replacement Unit during the TET Offensive, I picked up my unit, the 588th Signal Company, 63rd Signal Battalion and moved with them to Quang Tri in I Corps, near the DMZ. While there I was assigned to various infantry units for major operations, setting up Command Communications as a RTTO Team Chief, including Khe Sanh during Operation Pegasus and two other Operations. I ETS’d out of the Army as a Sergeant E-5 in Late September at Fort Lewis, Washington and returned to Atlanta and my new bride and family at age 24.
Upon returning to Atlanta I went back to my job in Accounting with BP Oil and resumed my college at night at Georgia State University in Atlanta. I graduated with a BBA Degree in Accounting in 1972, just after becoming a father of a fine boy.
My career in accounting continued and I moved up well in the trucking industry, serving as Controller, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer for several large transportation companies over a 50 year career.
I am retired and have been married for fifteen years to a lovely young lady named Elaine. My first wife died of cancer in 1995.
My one son has seven children and lives with his wife in Savannah, Georgia.
Elaine and I live on Lake Oconee in middle Georgia and enjoy the lake, are active in the community, play golf, love boating and are have three wonderful Australian Shepherd dogs.
I have served as Quartermaster of the VFW Post 2557 in Madison, Georgia and am currently a Trustee. We are members of Christ Our King and Savior Catholic Church in Greensboro, the local Elks and volunteer for the Oconee Performing Arts Society on the Lake.
Life is Good!
   Joseph M. Gleason - Membership Team member   
Attended grades K through 8 and graduated from St. Marks Grade School in June, 1961. Attended St. Thomas Military Academy and graduated in June, 1965.
I attended Mankato State College from September, 1965 until March, 1966. I did not do so well but had a great time. I got really good at playing cards.
I spent 3 years in the U.S. Army from August, 1966 through August,1969. I went through Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training as a Personnel Records Specialist at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. From August , 1966 through January, 1967. I served in Nha Trang, South Vietnam from February, 1967 until February, 1968. I spent the rest of my Army service at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
I returned to College in September, 1969. I graduated from Lakewood Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree in June, 1971 and From Mankato State College in December, 1972 with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance . I have taken some post grad classes in Finance.
I worked for the State of Minnesota for 35.5 years and retired in February, 2009. I spent 5 years as a Bank Examiner with The Commerce Banking Division and 30.5 years with the Minnesota Department of Revenue . I spent 5 years in Collections and 25.5 years as a Revenue Auditor in Income Tax. I retired in February, 2009 and have had no regrets. They brought on a new major computer system which was a great incentive for me to leave when I did.
I have been married to my wife, Mary for 37 + years and we have 2 adopted children. Our daughter, Meghan, is 28 years old, married and is living in Southern California. Her husband, Ayman, is a neuro-surgeon. They have a 2 year old daughter named Aya. Our son, John, now 22, is in the Army National Guard and is a Helicopter Fuel Specialist. He does lawn work and snow plowing on the side. He hopes to get into Law Enforcement in the future.
Mary worked for Qwest Communications and previous Companies for 36 years and we are both enjoying retirement very much. We traveled to Australia and New Zealand shortly after my retirement and we are looking forward to more travel in the future. 
   Eddie Fulwood - Assistant Newsletter Editor
                   Eddie in Vietnam                                                                 Eddie Today  
Eddie arrived in Viet Nam, May 1968, and was assigned to the 1st Signal Brigade, HQ Co., 52nd Signal Battalion in Can Tho. His MOS was 31L, Radio Relay and Carrier Repairman. During his tour, he worked on new equipment involved in the cutover from Line of Sight to Microwave and PCM communications. Eddie was honorably discharged from the Army in May 1969.
Eddie’s military career also included an enlistment in The District of Columbia Army National Guard in 1987. He was assigned to the 547th LMT Transportation Company. This unit was activated and deployed to the Persian Gulf during The Desert Storm Conflict. He served as the Truckmaster in this unit. Also, while in the DCANG, Eddie attended IMD and taught the following courses at DCMA; PLDC, BNOC, ANOC, WMD’s and The Air Land Battle Doctrine.
Eddie is a graduate of Strayer University, Washington, DC, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He was employed by The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit System (Metro) for 34 years. He retired in 2003 as Operations Superintendent of The Landover Division.

   Glen Acre
         Glen in Vietnam                                  Glen with wife and grandchildren today  
Glen was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in the charter R.O.T.C. class at the University of Central Arkansas in Aug of 1970.
Brigade duty was with the 40th Signal Battalion (Construction) with both B Company in Cam Ranh Bay and C Company in Long Binh from late 1971 to late 1972. In his last few weeks in RVN he was assigned to HHC, 535th Signal Battalion. All of his RVN time was as a Platoon Leader/ Co XO with the line units and included six weeks with the Republic of Korea 100th Division in II Corps area out of Nha Trang.
After leaving active duty Glen had various assignments in the Army Reserve to include serving as the DOIM/Signal Detachment Commander at Ft. Chaffee, AR, on the General Staff as the DCSPER (Personnel) for the 90th Regional Support Command and culminating the Commander of the 4003d Garrison Support Unit at FT. Hood, Texas. Glen retired as a Colonel in Sept 2000.
Glen had several different positions in public education in central Arkansas, to include working with adults in vocational education supporting business and industry. Glen completed his civilian career as a Secondary Guidance Counselor with Little Rock School District retiring in 2010.
Glen’s wife Nancy is a retired school administrator and they have one daughter and three grand children. They actively work and manage a 380 acre beef cattle operation in Greenbrier, Arkansas.

   Jerry Petersen - Newsletter Editor  
              Jerry in Vietnam                                                     Jerry Today  - Cam Rahn Bridge  

In 1969, at age 18, Jerry enlisted in the Army upon graduation from high school for Warrant Officer Flight Training having passed all known entrance requirements. He was washed for a very minor allergy while in basic at Ft Polk and consequently received an AIT assignment to Ft Gordon for Communications Center Specialist (72B). Upon completion he was sent to the RVN arriving as a PFC on 2 Mar 1970 with final assignment to STRATCOM SIG SUP DET, Cam Ranh Bay; a unit of the 73rd Sig Bn, 21st Sig Gp, 1st Sig Bde. Not long after arriving the unit designation changed to the 510th Sig Co. without any change in either mission or personnel. His major duty was Com Center teletype operator and eventually the lone Soldier that dealt exclusively with correcting all types of message failures and also worked with the unit vehicles as both a driver and organizational maintenance mechanic up through2 ½ T truck. His original WOFT enlistment was for 4 years, but reduced to 2 years upon the change in status. Therefore, he extended in the RVN for 1 ½ months to receive a discharge upon return to CONUS with less than 5 months left on the enlistment. On 18 Apr 1971 I was Honorably Discharged at Ft Lewis as a SP4 fully confident his time with the Army was complete after just 19 months of active service. He was 20 years old.
In 1975 he was recently married and moved to rural Colorado to attend a small college to complete a major in Industrial Education. The Veterans office coordinated all GI bill activities and maintained a Veterans Club that competed in all recreational sports so it was easy to develop friendships. Many of the vets belonged to a nearby National Guard medical detachment (2 platoons - Ambulance) and encouraged him to join. Initially he had no interest, but eventually visited asking if I could be sent to OCS, the staff agreed, so he joined. He completed OCS and was commissioned in spring of 1977 and subsequently completed the Medical Service Corp basic course at Ft Sam Houston returning as a platoon leader. Within 1 year, he was the only officer in the unit so by default became the detachment Commander. His career since has consisted of various assignments within the Army Reserve Medical Department, mostly as a Medical Service Corps Logistician (70K) but culminating with Command of the 7220th Medical Support Unit, Tucson, AZ from Dec 2002 to Feb 2004. In Apr 2005 he reached his Mandatory Removal Date and retired as a LTC after 28 years of commissioned service with 8 enlisted for a total of 36 years. He’s a graduate of the Command General Staff College (1995) and was deployed for 5 months to Ft Bliss for Desert Shield and 18 months to Ft Sill for Enduring Freedom as the Commander of the 7220th MSU and Chief of Logistics for the Ft Sill MEDDAC, Reynolds Army Community Hospital. In 2008, he was a 1 year retiree recall sent to Afghanistan for 10 months to directly mentor the Afghan National Police Chief of Medical Logistics and his staff with responsibility and accountability for a $33M budget to accomplish all aspects of the medical logistics support of the Police and their families.
Prior to college graduation in 1977, Jerry had always been either an auto mechanic (starting very young) or over-the-road/heavy dump truck driver, which originally began with the Army. Upon college graduation, he became an Industrial Education automotive teacher and has been in the field ever since. Within the Education Profession he’s held all sorts of positions but has always been a teacher even with administrative duties. He retired from full time work in 2008 as part of the Afghanistan deployment and has worked part-time since returning. His interest and passion is mentoring new teachers from industry and dealing with all aspects of high school auto, truck and mining programs in southern Arizona. He has an M.A in Vocational Education and was nominated by his school district as the 2004 Teacher-of-the-Year for Arizona. He’s been both a high school freshman basketball and junior varsity baseball coach.
   Bernie Wallace - Administrative Officer and Membership Cards
         Bernie in Vietnam                               Bernie Today  
In June 1968, I was drafted and sent to Ft. Bragg, N.C for Basic Training. While at Fort Bragg I enlisted in the Regular Army. Upon completion of Basic, I was sent to Signal School at Ft. Gordon, GA, for training as a Teletype Operator, MOS 72B. After completing AIT in November, I departed for Vietnam in December 1968. In Vietnam, I was assigned to 2nd COMSEC Logistics Support Unit (CLSU) at Can Tho in the Mekong Delta. Our mission was to provide Crypto support to Army units in Vietnam’s IV Corps. My duties were varied. I filled in as Unit Clerk because I could type, but my main duty was to assist the COMSEC Warrant Officer. While in Vietnam, I was promoted to SGT/E5. I returned from Vietnam in December 1969 and was assigned to Ft. Bragg. When I arrived at Ft. Bragg in January 1970, I was assigned to the 206th Signal Company. The Company was so understrength that little activity took place. While with the 206th, I attended the Ft. Bragg Chemical, Biological and Radiological school. Later, I attended the 3rd Army NCO Academy at Ft. McClellan, AL. I finished the Academy in May of 1970 and was promoted to SSG/E6. The 206th was deactivated on June 30, 1970 and I was transferred to Headquarters & Headquarters Company of the 50th Signal Battalion (ABN), XVIII Airborne Corps. There I was assigned to the Battalion Crypto Facility. Since I was the senior NCO, my main duty was to oversee the operations of the facility when the COMSEC Warrant Officer was absent. I was discharged from active duty in June 1971.

After my discharge, I returned to my home in Baltimore. Unfortunately, while in the Army, my job was eliminated. In 1972, I enrolled in a school for computer technology. After finishing school in December 1972, I started working at an insurance company. I left that company for a better job about three months later. In April 1973, I started as a programmer at a company that provided pension design and management to various types of businesses. In July 1975, I began working for the local utility company and was employed there until August 1994. My wife had retired from the company in February of that year and we were fortunate enough that I was able to quit working also. Since giving up work, my wife and I have traveled extensively and volunteer at several Senior Centers and community groups. Because we travel quite a bit, I have taken a number of photographs. I also play around with the computer and target shoot occasionally.

   Stanley Grieco
 I joined the Army right after High School as a Warrant Officer Candidate. I took my basic at Fort Polk in Louisiana. After completion of basic I was off to Pre-flight at Fort Walters in Texas. My academic grades were superior and low demerits but wasn’t coordinated enough to fly a helicopter and never soloed. When I went before the elimination board I was offered Officer Candidate School. But I had my heart set on flying, so I turned it down and waited to be reassigned. My orders had me reassigned to Fort Gordon in Georgia were I was to become a 72B20 Com-center Specialist. After completion of AIT, I received orders for Vietnam.

Once in country I was assigned to Phu Lam Signal Battalion where I found myself in the Service Section of the Com-center, sending service messages back to the originator of garbled messages. While in Phu Lam it was a time of major expanding into data and the building of an audodin building. We were the major relay for all of Southeast Asia and a big influx of personnel had to accommodate the compound. There was an over crowding which eventfully was solved with the building of two story barracks. But in the mean time some of us were lucky enough to be billet in a BEQ in Cholon, Vietnam called the Kingsport Hotel. Well, we thought we were lucky, but then came the Tet Offensive. The racetrack in Cholon was the headquarters of the VC during the Offensive. As fate would have it I survived Tet and the Second Offensive in May to return back to the states and an early discharge from Oakland Army Base in June of ’68.

Five days after I returned home I married my High School sweetheart, Anita Arena.  In ’69 we had our first child, a beautiful little girl named Tina Marie. At the same time landing a job in a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Plant in Delaware City, Delaware for five years. We bought a home in Newark, Delaware in that time span and our second child was born, Stanley Charles Jr. The job was the swing shift variety, which meant a crazy schedule that consisted of many sacrifices to the family. So I started applying for jobs in the post office. On March 31, 1973, I was accepted in the Postal Service and had an illustrious carrier for 32 years and loved it! I failed to mention our third child another beautiful little girl, Lisa Louise was born in ’75. The time span from ’74 to ’78 I used my GI Bill and acquired an Associate’s Degree. While working for the Postal Service as a City Letter Carrier I became a member of the New Jersey National Guard. After attending numerous weekend drill and summer camps, I attended the NCO Academy in Seagirt, New Jersey, graduating at the end of the course as a Sergeant. After a period of night school, Guards and working, things settled down and we could live normal lives, coaching midget football, little league baseball and helping with cheerleading in different capacities. Children are grown now, one in New Mexico, one in California, fortunately the last is in South Jersey and both Anita and I retired from the Postal Service enabling us to travel, which we love!

   Ron Lester  
         Ron in Vietnam                                       Ron with wife Today
 Military History-
I arrived July 1968 at Phu Lam Signal Battalion after attending an Automated Digital Repair (ADP) class at Fort Monmouth NJ and an IBM computer repair course in Chicago, IL   At Phu Lam, my assignment (E5/E6) was maintaining MODE 5 communications equipment in the field that connected with the AUTODIN network.  Upon completion of my tour, I departed Phu Lam during July 1969.

 In August 1969, I was assigned to the Pentagon, where I maintained computers in the Army Operations Center.  In 1972 I was assigned to ODCSOPS, Heidelberg, Germany.  As a systems analysis, I helped implement the World Wide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS) at 7th Army Headquarters.  In 1975, I returned to CONUS and departed active duty.  
In 1977, I joined the US Army Reserves.  As a reservist, I was assigned to the 5th Army General Staff.  There, I evaluated and made recommendations concerning automated and communications systems used by the command.
In 1978, as a Captain, I was appointed as Detachment Commander in a newly formed Combat Support Hospital (CSH).  There, until I left the unit, I commanded 250 personnel that supported the CSH.

In 1984, I was promoted to Major and out of my vacancy slot at the Combat Support Hospital.  At that time, the 96th Army Command invited me to take command of a Psychological Warfare Unit.  There, from 1984 to 1989, I commanded 300 troops, winning the hearts and minds of the enemy.

In 1989, after finishing my tenure with the PSYOPS Unit, my old medical friends beckoned me back to the Army Reserves medical community.  At that time, I re-commissioned into the Medical Service Corps, was sent to Fort Sam Houston, Texas for training and became a Hospital Administrator.

In 1990, I was called to active duty for 9 months during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  There, I served  in the Iraqi Desert as Medical Camp Commander, caring for 75,000 Iraqi prisoners of war (EPW) housed in two enemy prisoner of war camps. During Operation Desert Storm, I was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

In 1991, after returning from Operation Desert Storm, I was assigned in the reserves to Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii as a patient administrator.

In 1995, after my Hawaii tour, I was assigned in the reserves as Executive Officer of the 328th Evacuation Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah.   There, I oversaw a 1,000 person hospital unit.

In 1998, I retired from the Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel.   I served 9 years on active duty and 23 years in the US Army Reserves.  I am a Graduate of the Command and General Staff School.

Civilian History-
In 1975, I left active duty and went to work for the Department of the Navy.  There, I worked on classified electronics systems at the Naval Electronics Command, Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland.

In 1976, at the end of the project with the Navy, I transferred to the Department of the Army, Fort Huachuca, AZ. There, I participated in the conversion of the analog to digital network in Europe, worked on developing an automated tech control system, and took part in the development of an automated switching system.

In 1978, I transferred to the Department of Interior, Denver, Colorado.  There, I served as the agency’s telecommunication and hardware manager, analyzing the agency’s telecommunication and automated requirements, acquiring equipment and implementing changes as needed.  I participated in various projects, such as the development of a lightning detection and automated weather tracking system used throughout the Western United States for fire control.  I served as a project manager in the oil and gas royalty area for federal and Indian lands.

I retired from the Federal Government as a Program Manager in 2008.  I have a Bachelors of Science Degree  from the University of Maryland and was a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for 30 years.

Personal Background-
I enjoy traveling around the world, camping in our RV, and collecting old military weapons.
I have been married for 45 years to my beautiful wife, Sally.  We have two children and seven grandchildren.  We reside in Fort Collins, Colorado.
   Bob Motley - Webmaster  
            Bob in Saigon    Bob with his family today
 I attended Holy Cross College for 2 years after high school and then dropped out and started working for AT&T. After a draft physical and a talk with a recruiter, I enlisted in Feb. ’68, and set off for Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC. That was followed by a 6 month Fixed Cryptographic Equipment Repair course at Fort Monmouth, NJ. At the end of the class, I received orders to Okinawa, but was offered a job as a crypto instructor and was able to remain at Monmouth for another 6 months.

In June of 1969, I was on my way to Da Nang; once in Vietnam, my posting changed to Phu Lam. I started in the ADMS switching station until it closed later that year. I worked for a few months as a company clerk while awaiting my top secret clearance, which I needed to move over to the Autodin building. I finally got over there and remained there for the rest of my tour. I extended for 3 months so that I would return stateside with less than 150 days and would get an early discharge.

I went back to work for AT&T for a year, and then quit to go back to school. I got my BS in Math from Brooklyn Polytechnic (now the NYU School of Engineering) and promptly returned to AT&T, where I worked many aspects of IT, from mainframe programming to desktop support.

After divestitures and mergers, I retired from Alcatel-Lucent in 2010, when all of IT was outsourced to Hewlett Packard. I worked for HP supporting Alcatel-Lucent for a couple of years, and retired for good in 2012.

During those years, I met and married Angela in 1980. Our first son, Chris, was born in 1983, and then Michael came along in 1986. Chris joined me on the 1SBA trip to Vietnam in 2013, and got along well with everyone on the trip. He got married last July (2017) and he and Jen are expecting our first grandchild this June. We’re looking forward to this next phase of our lives. Mike has a great girlfriend, and we’re happy to have both of these girls in our family.

I’ve been attending our Phu Lam reunions since 2001, and have enjoyed renewing friendships with people that I served with during my time in Phu Lam, and making new friends that I’ve met through the those reunions, and now through the 1SBA reunions. And I’m looking to making more new friends at future reunions.
   Eric Randau - Secretary  
                         Eric in Vietnam                                           Eric Today  
Me, 1969  Dong Tam, working on something. I don’t really recall but it must have been part of the REL 2600 radios - The mux gear was hermetically sealed. (I’ve put on a bit of weight since then!)

 I arrived in country November ’68 went through LLS Battalion HQ at Vung Tau, then through C Co HQ at Can Tho and finally to the Detachment at Dong Tam.

Along the way LLS changed to 369 Signal Bn and our CO HQ changed to A Co at Tan Son Nhut.  I earned a 32D MOS at a 3-week course at Long Binh.

I spent most of my tour at Dong Tam ducking mortars.

I left Dong Tam in November ’69 and returned to teach my MOS, 26V20 at Ft. Monmouth finally exiting the Army in November ’70.

 After the Army, I earned an FCC First Class Radio Telephone License then worked for Lenkurt Electric, and AT&T Long Lines in Florida.  In 1973, I returned to my Birthplace in Michigan, taught electronics and FCC licensing at a vocational school, then worked for AC Division of GM. I earned an A.S. in applied Science from a community college then went on to earn a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

I moved to Arizona in late 1980 to work for Motorola in various capacities including: software engineer, technical marketing support, engineering support in a wafer Fab, and finally in the Government Electronics group which was later sold to General Dynamics.  I retired from GD and “retiree” is my current vocation

 I’ve been married to my second wife since January 1989.

We have one son and one grandson. I enjoy my Corvette Convertible, photography and spending time with family.

After retiring, we were able to leave the heat of Phoenix and moved to the mountains in 2003. We currently live at 5150’ in Payson, AZ.


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